Merav Oren 

Merav a serial entrepreneur working with municipalities to provide services and solutions designated to create and sustain public spaces that build stronger communities.
Merav also founded Open Restaurants a leading urban festival, combining culinary with culture art and technology.
Merav is the founder of WMN, a female entrepreneurship community that provides its members with a co-working space and professional workshops as well as mentors and networking opportunities with profound and leading women and men in the industry who want to "pay it forward".

Carmit Oron

 Carmit has 20 years of experience in different fields of business development, evaluating new growth opportunities, innovation strategy, and fundraising. She has a passion for open innovation, collaborative problem solving, technology, design thinking, and social business models.
She is focused on helping entrepreneurs jump-start their businesses. As a co-founder of WMN, a leading community for female founders, Carmit is actively taking an active role in empowering female entrepreneur


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