Brainstorming Session


Our work would not be possible without our partners. We are able to support seed startups and women-led ventures through their corporate funding.

Partners allow us to support growing food tech startups and help them achieve their goals. 

Corporate Partner Benefits

Speak to groups of professionals

Introduction to relevant startups and stakeholders through one on one meetings

Host roundtables

Speak to groups of professionals

Serve on panels

Engagement and participation in the community

Deliver online programs

Access to powerful tools to support content marketing

A space for meetings in Tel Aviv

Position your company as a thought leader and serve as an example

utilize brain embassy
network and connect with food tech innovators

How ACT FoodTech Supports Startups



Access a highly curated network of global foodtech innovators

Attend office hours with industry leaders

Power the innovators to scale their best ideas into products, services, and growth

Positioning and brand Awareness: Build a digital presence through our content channels

Raise product and service awareness through our global content network