Fund Raising

Leveraging from the meaningful experience of the Team Members, we are Capable to Connect FoodTech Startups with Potential Business Partners, and supporting their 

Fundraising by creating quickly and reliable Connections to Relevant Investors.

Content Marketing & Positioning

Every food  tech startup takes a claim to a market position, each of them has a story to share. The challenge is in figuring out how to share that story in a way that aligns with the needs and priorities of the potential customers.

Positioning is all about your company’s distinct value.

We help startups capture attention, create engagement and get people talking and sharing.

Culinary Advisory by Assaf Granit

Assaf is able to combine his experiences as an entrepreneur in the restaurant business and works with food startups and entrepreneurs to help them in their quest to create successful food and beverage products.

Assaf is meeting entrepreneurs and see how things are going and how, in any way possible, we can be a resource for them to grow their company.

Business Development

Sales, innovation, technology and even corporate venture partners are key to scale a company globally. Partnerships involve a long on boarding process

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