WOMEN OF THE AGRIFOOD NATION" -Supporting the growth of Women in Agrifood.

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

About 3% of the total money invested between 2015-2018 and 7% of transactions out of 8,000 investments in the world, in agriculture and food tech , were invested in women's start-ups.

The "Money Where Our Mouths Are" report, conducted by AgFunder, Karen Karp & Partners, revealed the brutal reality for female founders in the agtech field - it's much harder for them to raise money for their ventures than their male counterparts.

Entrepreneurial women spend less capital even though their business generates higher revenue and the fastest growth.

"WOMEN OF THE AGRIFOOD NATION" competition was held on February 9, 2020 was launched by a group of partners: COPIA Agriculture & Food technologies fund, The ACT Hub, WMN, Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, KPMG, Brooks Keret financial services and Perl Cohen.

The mission of the organizers is to educate and inspire women to start their own Agrifood startups, and to support them in the challenging early years especially when being a female entrepreneur.

The well-deserved victory of the WOMEN OF THE AGRIFOOD NATION 2020 Competition.

is HUMAN NATURE lead by Adi Yehezkel who developed a natural substance called Aquafaba, a plant-based substitute for Albumin (egg protein).

The company's cheap and scalable product is clean label powder with long shelf life.

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