The perfect way to connect with consumers through their favorite beer, by Suntory Beer and Ripples

The experience of food is an ever-changing sensorium of taste, smell, texture, and community.

This strategic collaboration between Suntory Beer and the Israeli startup Ripples is good example for what is coming up over the next decade. The landscape of food experiences will be transformed. Future forces will intersect with inspired design to reshape the entire cycle of food activity.

Ripples Makers are primed to drive sales for Suntory’s signature beer brand trough this unique cooperation installing the makers at Suntory's flagship store – the “God Foam Bar” in Tokyo.

Suntory certified beer venues  or ‘Premium Super Master Stores’ include some of  Japan’s most successful restaurants.

These establishments have partnered closely with the iconic Japanese brand to achieve their certification status and to enjoy the benefits it confers. To that end, Suntory will be providing these venues and key accounts with Ripple Maker PM units to print Suntory-branded drink content alongside original Ripples content atop the beer’s exceptional foam.

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