Zero-waste cooking by Upprinting food

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

It was a pleasure meeting the talented women founders  of upprinting- 3D  food printing startup, in Tel Aviv this weekend together with my partner Merav Oren.

Dutch designer Elzelinde van Doleweerd and her co-founder @Vita Broeken wants to address the food waste challenge by creating recipes that would incorporate discarded food and turn it into a printable food paste. Upprinting Food is creating new value for food that would have been thrown away.

The zero -waste cooking trend is one of the leading culinary trends to watch in 2019. the zero waste cooking which calls for chefs and restaurateurs to reduce the amount of food waste created during the preparation of menu items to prevent it from ending up in landfills. 

In the USA 30 - 40 % of food produced, ends up in the trash. As consumers become more aware of the issue, many choose eco-friendly dishes. 

Upprinting is dedicated to reducing food waste. Mainly by 3D printing food from residual food flows.

By using this food for 3D printing, it looks attractive again. After printing, the food is baked and dried, making it a crispy texture and long shelf life. 

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