Investing in Women-Led Ventures- The gender gap and what we can do to fix it.

Looking at the number of women in the agri-food-tech sector, there is a major discrepancy between men-led and women-led agri-food initiatives; 65% of academic discovery is led by women, but agri-food startups are missing women leaders.

A report from Agfunder, displaying the discrepancy in female-only fundraising at Series A stage.

"According to data from Pitchbook in 2017, just 2.2% of venture capital funding went to female-founded businesses. In 2019, those numbers are only marginally better", says Jessi Devenyns of FoodDive. She adds that the disparity stems from the implicit bias of those with the power to make investments. Despite the discrepancy in funding received between male and female entrepreneurs in the agrifood-tech industry, women-led businesses are still some of the fastest to grow, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Although it seems that there is a huge difference in male and female success stories in this industry, women continue to push the boundaries and create unique, innovative, and successful agri-food startups.

Looking at other Israeli women leading the agrifood-tech sector, Hamutal Cohen Yitzhak, co-founder, director, and CEO of Else Nutrition is a successful entrepreneur and has a portfolio of patents and innovative foods under her name. In the past few years, Hamutal has been a trail-blazer in this industry and has challenged the global infant formula industry by developing and producing natural clean foods, focusing on the transparency of ingredients and manufacturing processes to provide the cleanest and healthiest products.

Hamutal also founded “HEART” vegan baby snacks, changing the face of the Israeli baby food industry, by crafting 100% plant-based, clean, and nutritious baby food snacks. Hamutal holds a BSc with honors in Psychology and General Science and MBA from Tel Aviv University. She is a mother of four and currently lives in Tel Aviv.

Female-led Innovations in Israel