Conquer Sugar Cravings with Natural Chewing Gum - Sweet Victory

Have a never-ending craving for sugar? The more sugar we consume, the more we crave it. We interviewed Shimrit Lev and Gitit Lahav, Co-Fouonders of Sweet Victory, an Israeli startup tackling our sugar cravings with a natural gum.

Sweet Victory was founded by two accomplished women with a passion for healthy eating; Gitit Lahav, an Israeli psychologist and Shimrit Lev, a Chinese medicine practitioner. With immediate access to highly addictive sweets, it has become extremely difficult to not overeat candy and cakes. After researching the issue of sweet cravings, they used their experience and knowledge in nutrition and psychology to develop an innovative product that combines wisdom from ancient Ayurveda medicine with a refreshing mint chewing gum.

Why did you start Sweet Victory?

We want people to have more control over their nutrition because we both went through times when we had no control. We noticed that for most people, especially women, the biggest issue is around sweets.

What is special about Sweet Victory’s Gum?

Sweet victory is a delicious mint flavored patent chewing gum made with the sugar- busting power of organic Gymnema, a 100% natural plant leaf extract which blocks the sugar receptors on your tongue for up to two hours.

The gum does not change the taste buds permanently. It just occupies the sweet receptors for a specific time. Most people use it during the hours they crave sugar.