Chef Andreas Chrysomallis is creating innovative dining experience in collaboration with Upprinting.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The evolution of 3D food printing over the last few years has been amazing. If we take a look back at our world, we can see that there are many opportunities to use the technology in the food industry. Many companies have recognized the opportunities and are taking advantage of 3D printing different foods, from sugar and chocolate to pasta and vegetable mixes.

Upprinting Food is a Dutch start-up founded by Elzelinde van Doleweerd. The company is focused on sustainable food printing by up-cycling products that are often thrown away. Upprinting Food works with chefs and restaurants and delivers a personal service to enable chefs to work with the new technology of 3D printing food.

This is done through training, guidelines for recipes (mostly based on old bread, fruit and vegetables) and through co-creation in unique design.

Last month they started a collaboration with Andreas Chrysomallis, head chef of Instock Amsterdam.

Andreas is an experienced high-level chef, with a strong vision on reducing food waste. He makes full use of the products, resulting in beautiful and delicious food served in the restaurant.

The collaboration with Upprinting Food enables him to add a new dimension to his dishes, a simple idea becomes an amazing shape.

The shapes are 3D printed with colorful tasty purees and baked as a crunchy element. It is the start of an innovative dining experience that the guests can look forward to try when the restaurant is allowed to open again. Follow this collaboration

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