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Over Half of Restaurant Operators Will Spend More on Tech in the Future

Mc Donalds launches the first vegetarian breakfast in Hong Kong

Israeli Startup developed AI-Powered Personalized Nutrition to help Consumers Manage Stress

Meaningfull Talks

Meat Without Animals  The Future Of Food

Meat without animals: The future of food

The End of Animal Farming   Jacy Reese A

The end of Animal Farming

Startups News

 Latest Funding 


NotCo, Plant-Based Alternatives raises $85 M


Iron OX raises $20 M for its Robotics Farms


Climax Foods raises $7.5 M to improve its Plant-Based food using AI



Home   Freaks of Nature.png

Freaks: Plant-Based Desserts


Food Waste

Save Food - Help The Planet   Too Good T

Too Good To Go: surplus food for Stores

Luttons Ensemble Contre le Gaspillage -

Phenix: Food surplus donation

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